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Fiji Music Comp 2023: A Resounding Success

The "Fiji Music Comp 2023" stands as a testament to Dark Circle's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and creating unforgettable experiences. This exceptional event provided a platform for over 100 up-and-coming singers to showcase their remarkable abilities, proving to be a launching pad for their musical journeys.

Online Talent Showcase

The competition garnered an impressive response with over 100 online submissions. This not only highlighted the abundance of raw talent within Fiji but also illustrated the event's reach and impact on the local music scene.

Live Showcase at Suva Civic Centre

The culmination of this talent search was an electrifying live event at the Suva Civic Centre, where finalists had the opportunity to perform in front of a vibrant audience. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, creating a space where music and talent converged.

Deserving Winners

The competition was fierce, but the top three contestants proved themselves beyond doubt. Their exceptional performances captivated the audience and showcased their potential in the industry. The winners truly earned their accolades, leaving an indelible mark on the event's legacy.

Media Frenzy

The success of "Fiji Music Comp 2023" did not go unnoticed. Media companies across Fiji were eager to cover the event and share the stories of these talented performers. The buzz generated by their performances was a testament to the impact they had on the local entertainment landscape.

Mission Accomplished

With the culmination of "Fiji Music Comp 2023," Dark Circle achieved its mission of providing a platform for talented individuals to shine. The event not only elevated the profiles of these emerging artists but also left an enduring mark on the Fiji music scene. This success reaffirms Dark Circle's dedication to fostering talent and creating exceptional experiences for both participants and audiences alike.

A HUGE thank you to our esteemed celebrity judges for contributing to the shows success and adding to the quality of the show.


Aggie Vakaloloma

Savuto Vakadewavosa



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